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Meet Melanie Pierce

Melanie deems her leadership and voice as a great asset to Elevation Memphis.  Born out of Arkansas she moved to Memphis, TN where she began her music career in 2019 as a backup singer for local bands.  She can sing Country, R&B, Blues, and Rock and Roll.  

Melanie's favorite singers are Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and the list continues. When she is not working, she is writing music or supporting other local bands.  Her goal is to help take Elevation Memphis to the top with their original music.  

A few of the Elevation Memphis originals that Melanie has written is: Groovy Little Babe, The Promise, She's A Woman, and Still In Love With You.  She has been so proud of how well and far the band has elevated and looking forward to the future.  


Words From Melanie

My goal is to continue to make great music and work hard.  One day all of this will pay off for us and we will look back and say all of the tears, and difficult days we experienced were actually preparing us for success. 

Songs Melanie Wrote:

"Groovy Little Babe"

"Still In Love With You"

"She's A Woman"

"The Promise"

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